Farm & Philosophy

A Sustainable Approach to Raising All Natural Beef

At Traynor Beef Farms, we’ve long embraced the ideals around raising our cattle by sustainable methods. We appreciate better than most the direct connection between naturally rearing cattle and how it yields tender, better tasting and healthier beef. Fortunately, more and more consumers today are realizing these benefits and, by extension, requesting only beef that’s been raised with these standards.

There are many measures we take in helping to raise cattle the best way we know how. All our beef is naturally raised with no animal by-products. We allow no artificial feed additives to bulk up the beef and never rely on implanting our cattle with hormones. Our cattle spend approxmately five months of the year grazing on our fields of the farm but are always monitored to ensure that they maintain the standards of the corn fed diet which is also grown on site.

Additional Environmental Measures

Of course, many of these methods are a natural outgrowth of the sustainable farming principles we practice at Traynor Beef Farms. These include matters of biological diversity, recycling nutrients, renewable resources, soil fertility, as well as alternative care methods. With respect to other measures we take at the farm, we actively:

  • Incorporate energy saving techniques and devises to lessen our environmental footprint
  • Implement the use of green cover crops to enhance soil fertility and bio diversity while also reducing reliance on commercial fertilizers and sprays.
  • Support the “100 Mile Diet” approach to supply, sourcing and growing locally
  • Believe in the recycling and composting of animal by products (manure) to reduce reliance on commercial fertilizers and sprays