Based in Peterborough and established in 1957, Traynor Beef Farms provides naturally-raised government inspected, farm fresh beef. We’ve long been at the forefront of naturally raised beef, and we continue to gain the attention and earn the approval of people who today are demanding healthier choices for their diet.

With the principles we have set in place in raising our cattle, we are able to guide a naturally-raised beef through the entire process. All our beef is hormone-free – which is essential to the quality of our product. We only feed our cattle corn that is grown from our farm and use natural supplement to ensure what we produce is the healthiest & the tastiest beef you will ever have.

As well, many of our clients appreciate the benefits of locally sourced meat. Our beef is aged to perfection and we’re prepared to supply the appropriate portions and custom cuts specific to our customer’s needs.

We also have the ability to supply restaurants, catering companies and larger functions.  Just contact us and we can help you with all the arrangements.

The use of pesticides and farming practices has been in place for over three decades, yet the question remains, why do people continue to use them? What is so bad about them that we need to ban them altogether?

We are proud to be a part of the Pesticide Reform and work closely with them to create transparent guidelines on pesticide usage in agriculture.

Traynor Beef Farms was first established by Bill and Wilma Traynor over half a century ago, our operation is now overseen by the next generation of family: Greg and Cathy Traynor, along with our daughters. As we continue to serve Peterborough and the Kawartha region we’re steadily building demand further afield while satisfying the tastes of clients who recognize that there simply is no substitute for naturally-raised beef.